They want me

10 Mar

I know for a fact that many men (not most, but many) want to sleep with me. That is a fact I know and surely it took me a while to deal with it.

A lot of men I meet want to have a piece me of, a piece of my body, and yet I know that none of them want a piece of my heart. Why is that? why men would never really like me for who I am, but like me for what I look like?

They all want a piece of me, they all want to sleep with me.

Oh yeah! they fantasize a lot.

They think they can please me, because they have this need to be inside me, but not really inside me. How is that even possible?

They want me. They want to have a great piece of me.

They see me walking, they look. They stare, because I’m walking for them, not for me. I’m modelling, not clothes, but my body.

They all want a piece of that.

Don’t date an Arab Girl

8 Feb

Originally posted on THAQAFA MAGAZINE:


Don’t date an Arab girl

She is harder to convince and more complex to understand

than the ones on the big screen that have convinced you of her delicate and timid nature

She is not oppressed, like those caricatures on the news

Her long, flowing hair has not grown dark and strong to guide your eyes to

Her curved figure, which exists not to twirl into shapes

so that she many enchant you to the beat of the Debke. The Arab girl is born

with a fire in her belly and has inherited the strength of her foremothers.

Don’t date an Arab girl for she carries the Middle East on her shoulders

Every war and every invasion pushes her to tears she fights back to replace

with a brave face for her brothers and sisters; starving, homeless and grieving.

Don’t date an Arab girl, she inspires revolutions with her passion…

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2013 in review

31 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,200 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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All men know, only few can please

18 Dec

how-to-feng-shui-romance.WidePlayerPorn has a great impact on what men think and how they sexually act. When it comes to sexual intercourse a lot of men think that fucking is what they need to do. And they all can fuck, that’s a fact. The question is, can they please a woman?

A friend of mine once told me that she can never reach an orgasm with penetrative sex alone, she needs to do something about it, and some times she has to use a vibrator.

It is true that some women can reach an orgasm with their penetration alone (basically if they’re on top). But 70% of women cannot reach a climax depending on penetrative sex (that’s what I’ve read/heard anyway).

A lot of men aren’t really aware of that fact, they think they can just fuck and if their penis is big enough then there’s no reason why the woman/girl they’re “fucking” won’t have an orgasm. “She orgasmed 5 times. My dick is big.” One big dickhead says. (sorry for the ‘dickhead’ term). Is that what a lot of guys think? that it only needs a dick to reach the top?

Women can have an amazing orgasm, without anything going inside their vaginas. There are so many ways to please a woman, but no, men can only think of one way.
Basically, all of them know how to fuck, they can do that. But only few, and very few, know how to  please women.

The thing that happens later on, some women have awful first experience with men, and they keep on doing the same mistake with the wrong men, thinking that’s the way it should be done. Until, they meet someone who can give the pure pleasure they have been looking for, and they don’t even have the sense to appreciate it.


Silent orgasm

1 Sep

Originally posted on Kiss Kaleidos:

You are a teenager… living at your parents’ home and cannot have the liberty to live, and explore your sexuality.

But you are a teenager, you cannot help it, you cannot help that childish crush on your classmate, you need to fantasize. You need to explore and express, with yourself.

tumblr_mkm98mHBIZ1s97hypo1_500You need to touch yourself, you hide in the bathroom, you hide in your room and you seek that moment, to be alone and lonely. To dream, fantasize, live and experience. You have a crush and your soul needs to be connected with your high school crush. You don’t know if your crush likes you back, but what does it matter? It is all about you. It’s your body connected to the idea of his body. And you smile, you are happy, to experience that first crush (is it the first or the second? it doesn’t matter).

You sit alone……

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Some guys cannot handle being” friendzoned” so…

26 Aug

Originally posted on Arwa:

I have found this very recently and couldn’t help but share it everywhere… because I’m sick of all of the “friendzoned assholes” who think they can just be mad because I don’t want to have sex with them.

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Marriage, why do we need it?

29 Apr

We all want to get married, some of us don’t obviously, and I was one of those. I might still be a person who is not thinking about marriage, yet.
Is it what usually women want? marriage? do they reach a certain age and start highly considering getting married. Where I live, in my society, if you’re 30 and unmarried, then there’s probably a huge problem and you need to fix this situation. If you’re a guy, you can wait till you’re 40 and then something will be wrong with you.

Not only women want to get married, also men. Is that how we were raised? is that how the world works? that we all end up getting married, wanting to get married, or accepting the fact that we need to get married. Who invented marriage anyway? imagine a world with no “marriage”, not a term or the whole idea of marriage… I’m not talking about a wedding, because you don’t really have to have a wedding in order to have a marriage, and vice versa. I’m referring to the idea of finding one person to “share the rest of your life with” legally, with a marriage contract. It’s actually a smart way, I once discussed it with someone and we agreed that marriage is for those who are thinking about / afraid of/ concerned with divorce. Surely, if you’re living together and you might want to have babies, consider getting married for the sake of the future and your rights as a partner and ex-partner. It all becomes business.

Now let me start with the point I’m creating this post for. Marriage, why do we all want it? or need it? — There are men who want to get married as well, even though having children isn’t on their list, they simply want to get married and be in a committed relationship. Why is that? Are we trained to think that marriage is one of those final steps or high steps of a relationship? or is it the way we were designed as humans, to be entirely committed? Sometimes I think it is our nature to find real attachment. We like this official attachment, we want it and we need it. Official attachment defines us. When we are committed to a job, we’re attached to it, and that defines who we are. “I’m a lawyer”, “I’m a Doctor” “I’m an actor” “I’m a teacher” etc. The same goes with marriage, it’s like a job that defines who we are. “I’m married” sounds better and more mature than “I’m single”.


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