Why do we need male prostitutes?

Most men I meet nowadays express their complete refusal to relationships and commitments. And they have the right to. It’s their life and it’s their needs.

Most men I meet nowadays want to have sex. They love to fuck. That is a fact and you can’t ask for different things.

While too many girls love to fuck too I’m not one of them. Yes, I want to have sex, but not just sex. Not because of society, but because of me.

1. I can’t have sex without feelings.

2. feelings aren’t just lust.

3. I’m not talking about feelings of complete love.

4. When I like a guy I get a bit attached.

5. I don’t do open relationships. I think that’s bullshit.

So, basically, I’m a classic when it comes to love. I want to meet a nice guy, go out with him, date him, make out with him, sleep with him and just have the foundation of a healthy relationship. Is it too much to ask?

Apparently it is. Most men want me to accept the fact that they don’t want a relationship, and they can’t accept the fact that what I’m looking for is real. Most of them believe that I’m just doing what society tells me to do.

Again, it’s not about society. I’m a sensitive person and I get attached. Once I like someone I would want to be together with that person.

If I want to have casual sex I can do that. There’s nothing more easier than that. I can just go to a bar, any random bar, look for the handsomest/cutest/hottest guy, approach him, ask for casual sex, and if he’s heterosexual and available there is 95% chance of having sex with him right away. I’m a girl and I’m hot, there’s no need for more when it comes to casual sex, right?

I don’t do that. When I want to have sex, it’s not casual for me, it’s special. Sex should be special, otherwise we can all do it, anytime, any day with anyone. This is what’s happening to our world, we no longer know what love is. We lost sense of love and being special and unique. We only care about casual sex, partying, money and fun. If that what’s happening to the world, then I don’t want to part of it.

I take things seriously. And I’m pretty sure that there are some who do too still.

However. We can still have casual sex, if we want to. I can’t always be against that, even though it’s not me. (can you sense the hypocrisy in my words?)

That’s why I strongly believe that when heterosexual women want to have casual sex they should go to male prostitutes (and if they are bisexual or want to try new things then female prostitutes are also an option). That’s what I would be doing if I want to have casual sex. Just to fulfill my sexual fantasies and be satisfied in bed. After all, that’s what we want in sex. And it’s a known fact that all men know how to fuck and only few know how to please. Read this here. So, to avoid trouble and avoid that all bullshit and the drama of “He’s hot, but maybe he won’t respect me. What if I fall for him. What if he’s bad. What if…” women can simply just go to male prostitutes. Pay money and it’s all done. Respect or not, you just paid money. And you paid money, you own him and you own his moves. By paying money, his job is to serve you a good orgasm, and please you. You gave him money, respect or not, does it matter? As for the sexual preference of the prostitute, does it matter? it’s just a momentary thing.

I believe that’s healthy, and if we’re talking about equal rights, why men can go to prostitutes and women can’t? We might not have the same needs but we’re all human.

Male prostitutes are handsome, sexy, very good in bed, and they can be smart too (they chose prostitution as a career). What’s the big deal?

Anyway, it’s just an opinion. After all, I’m not going to do that. I don’t have casual sex. Maybe I’ll just be a pimp.


Kiss Kaleidos

TI’m proud to say that a friend and I have opened a blog called Kiss Kaleidos for erotic writing. I would be honored to see people joining in as contributors. Surely you can write anonymously, about anything erotic and sexual.

Erotic writings can include fantasies, confessions, stories (both fiction and non-fiction), tips, health, issues, questions, opinion, and many more.

Please visit here the blog here http://kisskaleidos.wordpress.com/ and let me know if you’re interested, you can send me an e-mail or contact me, or leave a comment here.


Nude Pictures

Why men are so obsessed with Nude Pictures?

Yes, we all know these guys, they are everywhere. We tend to meet guys that appear to be nice and we tend to start liking them, and then, they start asking for pictures. Well, obviously when a man asks for a nude picture he has been imagining you naked ever since he has met you, and now finally he thinks you can trust him enough to send him a nude picture of your beautiful body.

I once met a guy who said that it’s not about appearances and he’s not like other guys, if he wants to see nudity only he would go online and actually see. Yeah, Right. OK, so he wants to see ME naked. And how is that different? Why should I send him a picture of myself naked? What is the reason? so he can fulfill his fantasies with my real body (and not the one in his head). I really don’t get it. Is this how men see us? objects? muse for their fantasies? They have to see us naked in order to continue our fantasies? not like I’m against fantasies, I fantasize as well, but for some men, they don’t fantasize about loving us, nor making us happy, but only fantasize how hot we are in their fantasies, and how slutty can we be. That’s amazing actually, I’ve never thought I could be a slut, but wow, I actually AM a slut in their fantasies, and I didn’t have to sleep with them.

“It’s not what under the belt, it’s the whole idea of daring and sending what you won’t send on normal occasions.” That’s what one of them once said. What do you have to say about that?

Oh, and they might stop talking to you if you don’t be so flexible as to send them you a picture of your self naked.

What does a man have to do in order to gain your trust and finally send him some nude pictures of yourself?